Yoga with Soul

Discover a calming and tranquil space at our new home in Caerphilly, South Wales

A place for you to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Welcome to my new Yoga Studio!  The first and only dedicated yoga studio in Caerphilly, South Wales. Our classes offer a variety of yoga styles with only the best handpicked yoga teachers.

I aspire to bring Yoga with Soul to anyone who is searching for clarity, strength, balance and self-awareness. Along with my team of teachers, we feel it’s important to create a space for you to feel more connected with your breath, mind and body; to allow you to align with your heart and soul. As well as maintaining the depth and tradition of yoga, giving you an overall authentic experience.

Living the art of yoga on and off the mat will empower you to find balance and use it to improve every experience and every intention you have. Yoga with Soul will teach you to make enquiries that lead to surrender, and eventually to a soulful enlightenment that will uncover the nature of the mind to free you from your fears.  Yoga is more than just a physical practice. It is a practice that systematically break down walls that we have created from within from our own self-imposed limitations.

By practising Yoga with Soul, you will not only experience the body by its function and structure, but also as energy. You will connect with the body’s subtle energies to align breath with prana, heart with mind, and body with soul.


Our classes have something for everyone from beginners to advanced, dynamic to restorative, pregnancy to children’s yoga. We have ample parking available.

It’s never been easier to sign up and book for live streamed yoga classes. With no joining fee to our month-to-month subscription tiers you can choose the level of access from daily class schedule, live replays to on demand classes. Think of Diana Brook Yoga with Soul as your personal home yoga studio that complements your lifestyle.

Once you’ve created your login, purchased your class pass or subscribed to our Unlimited Live Streamed Membership you can join us for our live yoga classes. Step out of the busy-ness of your day and move through feel-good yoga flows that will help uplift, ground and calm you in both mind, body and spirit.

    Available soon!

    £45 monthly subscription

    Available soon!

    Available soon!

    £45.00 for 60 minutes

    Enrol for Family Yoga Course

    Enrol for Pre-natal Yoga Course

    For £6 & Bring a Friend for FREE


    Our purpose built yoga studio with space for 20 students lends itself to workshops, courses and events.

    Are you looking to invest in employee wellbeing?

    We can create bespoke corporate wellbeing days to include yoga, mindfulness and meditation.  We offer courses that help manage anxiety, depression and stress; improve focus and concentration; cultivate clarity and creativity; enhance posture and improve back pain.

    Contact me below to quote for your Bespoke Corporate Wellbeing Day.

    Are you looking to improve and enhance your sporting performance?

    We offer specialised courses that help to improve flexibility and stability; build core strength; aid recovery; understand principles of functional movement, breathing and mindfulness techniques; enhance balance and co-ordination.

    Whether you are an individual athlete, part of a team or professional club contact me below to arrange your Yoga for Sport Course.

    Are you looking to hire space for your yoga workshop or course?

    Mats, blocks and straps are provided, the charge of which is included in the hourly rate. Ample parking available. 

    You can get in touch below to request more details on how to book your workshop or course. 


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