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“Looking great on the outside starts with promoting health on the inside. Our thoughts, emotions, nutrition, work and family life all influence our wellbeing. By increasing awareness of the relationship between mind, body and soul, we can gain a fresh perspective on how to take care of our own health and begin healing.”

Diana Brook


This Workout Guide is for anyone who is looking for support to find balance, align their energy and heal from stress to feel happier and live healthier. With these methods Diana has not only improved her own life, but the lives of many others, so why not join her wellness revolution?

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Part 2 – Guys can do yoga, too!

Next up in the series of Guys can do yoga, too!  It’s our spotlight blog. Meet Mike, Yoga with Soul Member who joined the tribe in June 2018. I caught

Guys can do yoga, too!

A lot of people think yoga is only for women – but they’re wrong! If you could turn back the clock a few hundred years or so, you’d find that

How mindfulness can help you

A little while ago, I teamed up with CareerCake to present a video course called Mindfulness for Professionals. People may not necessarily associate mindfulness with the workplace, or they may

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