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After a life-long interest in natural health and healing I discovered yoga in 1998.  My yoga practice has supported me during times of emotional transition, and has influenced my understanding of how thoughts, emotions and beliefs impact the physical body. What I’ve learned on and off the mat has influenced my work, which resulted in writing and publishing my first book The Mind, Body & Soul Workout Guide. 

I went on to complete my yoga teacher training with YogaLondon where I gained my teaching qualification with Yoga Alliance.  I teach weekly yoga classes, private tuition, workshops and lead yoga retreats in the UK and Europe.  As an author, teacher and founder of Diana Brook Yoga Studio my holistic philosophy is an integral part of my teaching style to empower others to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between the mind, body and soul connection.


Welcome to Emma our new recruit to The Team!

Emma began practising yoga 20 years ago and quickly noticed the benefits – mentally, physically and spiritually.  She qualified as a yoga teacher in 2016 and is a member of the Yoga Alliance.

Emma’s own study, experiences and practice continues to influence her teaching style.  Emma’s classes are dynamic and flowing, focusing on building heat, developing strength and creating flexibility through alignment based sequences.  She uses a playful approached to challenging asanas to deconstruct them and empower students to achieve them.  Emma encourages students to move freely, deeply and mindfully into their bodies through asana, pranayama and meditation; bringing mind, body and spirit into harmony and working together as one.

Emma feels privileged to be able to share her passion of yoga with others.  Join her on Monday evenings for a yoga class that builds Strength & Structure as you progress through the Ashtanga Primary Series book here.


Welcome to Dan Morgan…he’s been named one of the 10 most inspiring yogis killing it on Instagram!  I am thrilled that Dan Morgan has joined the Yoga with Soul Team… 

Dan’s journey in yoga began with the combined interests of developing a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. This interest developed from a young age, spanning across a multitude of disciplines including; rock climbing, gymnastics, calisthenics, mixed martial arts, meditation and music. Initially, these activities were practiced individually, but I then found my true passion in the study and practice of Yoga as a lifestyle – both on and off the mat.

Having studied yoga for 6 years, he qualified as a Yoga Teacher at the Marianne Wells Yoga School (Yoga Alliance), training in Costa Rica. It was here that he decided to dedicate his life to teaching and sharing the life changing practice that he experienced.

Dan believes that yoga is for anyone and everyone, and that it will be beneficial regardless of a students current ability or their aspirations. He believes yoga is a continuous journey of self study and practice.

When Dan teaches, he always ensures that there is a safe environment to practice, where anyone and everyone will feel welcome, happy and comfortable. He offers guidance, adjustments and alternative postures to students (when appropriate) so that regardless of their ability, each individual will be able to reach their full potential within each and every class.

Dan’s personal practice is derived from traditional teachings in Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga. He chooses elements from the different schools of yoga, and incorporates them into his lessons to suit the desired intention of the class.

Come along on Thursday evenings to experience Dan’s Discovery & Balance class to find out for yourself why he’s been named one of the most inspiring yogis book here.


A warm Yoga with Soul welcome to George!

George’s love for movement started at an early age through the medium of dance and it was during her time at university she discovered yoga. Instantly George realised the benefits of yoga, not only to satisfy her need to move, but also bringing a sense of calm and focus to her life.

On a quest to unite yoga and dance, George found Strala Yoga and in 2016 she took a trip to study Strala with the ‘yoga rebel’ Tara Stiles in New York. During these sessions George met people form all over the world bringing a unique perspective of yoga to her practice and guiding. George remains in regular contact with Strala and is heading to Amsterdam in 2017 to continue her studies.

George guides classes to encourage natural movement and believes that when you are in alignment with your own body, you create space and a sense of openness bringing creativity and radiance.

The principals of Strala yoga encourage movement from the middle, moving everything you’ve got in everyway you can. George creates a fun and safe environment to explore movement in your own body. The breath body connection is key during her class, with no end points, the flow of movement is as important as the actual poses. George combines music, from pop to rock, with natural movement to energise and uplift.

Join George on Saturday morning’s to get your body moving at her Freedom & Flow class book here.


Join me in welcoming Alison Graham to the Yoga with Soul Team…

Alison started her yoga journey in 2004, she practised Ashtanga Yoga for 10 years before she discovered Kundalini Yoga. From her first experience Alison noticed immediate improvements in her mental, physical and emotional health from both the practical and spiritual components. Kundalini Yoga is incredibly powerful and effective, it is an art and a technology passed down by ancient sages and saints to raise levels of consciousness and vibration to bring us into a state of bliss, happiness and contentment.

Alison trained with Karam Kriya Yoga School in Glastonbury, which is affiliated to the International Kundalini Yoga Association (IKYTA & KYTA).  She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since February 2016.

Kundalini Yoga is a physical and meditative discipline that combines asanas, pranayama and the chanting of mantras.

Join Alison to experience Awakening & Awareness of Kundalini Yoga on Friday evenings book here.


A warm Yoga with Soul welcome to the lovely Joanna Bogacz…

Jo offers a space for you to seek wellbeing and balance through your yoga practice. Jo’s emphasis is on bringing greater awareness and a renewed vitality to the mind and body.  Her classes support you to use the path of yoga as a process to find your own way authentically and to reconnect with yourself.

Jo brings the qualities of compassion and kindness to her teaching; she is motivated to teach by her genuine interest in people. Jo has extensive experience of personally and professionally supporting people with mental health problems, she advocates the healing effects of yoga practice.  Jo works in an empowering and insightful way, taking a holistic and dignified approach to her work.

Jo is an experienced yoga practitioner and has practised yoga since the mid 1990’s.  Jo first came to yoga whilst finding the effect of practice both beneficial and restorative during a very turbulent time in her life.  For Jo, integrity and clarity were brought to her life when she developed a yoga practice, and as her practice deepened she went on to study yoga with a particular focus on holistic health, wellbeing and meditation.   

Jo incorporates asana, pranayama and meditation in her yoga classes.

Join Jo to reconnect with your inner Balance & Stillness on Tuesday evenings book here.


My team would not be complete without my teaching training partner in crime!  A warm Yoga with Soul welcome to Joanne Gardner…

Yoga has been a part of Jo’s lifestyle since 1983. Yoga took a back seat for a decade as she pursued a career in the travel industry moving frequently around the UK at a time when yoga classes were hard to come by. At the age of 30 she settled in Cardiff. Yoga become her ally, “her therapy” as Jo describes it, easing tension in the body, while soothing the stresses of the mind to calm her rather excitable nature. It still remains her therapy. 

Jo had no intentions of becoming a yoga teacher until Diana Brook invited her along on a “jolly” to London to attend a Try Us Evening with YogaLondon. By the end of the session she was bursting with excitement!  Jo signed up there and then.

Jo qualified as Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher with YogaLondon in 2014, within a year of qualifying she left her day job and began her dream career – teaching yoga full time.

Jo teaches a fusion of Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Dru and Viniyoga with particular focus on pranayama and mindfulness.  Drawing from inspiration from all around her Jo creates a safe space for you to have fun, feel energised, yet relaxed and nourished.  Her infectious energy, spiritual nature and bubbly personality shines through her classes.  Jo believes the magic of yoga allows you to connect and feel more at ease with life.

Find space and calm from the everyday stresses of your working day with Jo’s Nourish & Nurture classes book here.


Welcome to yoga teacher and Cardiff student Beth Walters!

Beth is currently studying International Relations and Politics, she knows the demands of student life and how yoga can help reduce stress and help improve focus and concentration.

Beth completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training qualification in Yosemite, California in the summer of 2015.  She specialises in Power, Vinyasa, Hot and Hatha Yoga.  Beth has been practising yoga for 7 years now and teaches a mixture of abilities and ages.

As a yoga teacher her favourite part of teaching is noticing how her students transform both physically and mentally after just one class.  Beth believes yoga is a combination of healing and toning; it’s a form of fitness and medicine for the mind and body.  We practice yoga for what life throws at us when we leave the mat.

I couldn’t agree more with Beth’s philosophy!  Join Beth on Tuesday’s at our external yoga class at Cardiff Metropolitan, Cyncoed Campus.

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