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Some of the most talented teachers in Wales


Through a lifelong interest in natural health and healing, Diana first discovered yoga in 1998.  A practice that supported her during times of emotional transition, yoga has influenced Diana’s understand of how thoughts, emotions and beliefs impact the physical body.

A self-published author, Diana wrote her first book “The Mind, Body & Soul Workout Guide” and filled it with the knowledge she’s gained on and off the mat.  From nutrition and skincare, goal setting and self-study, yoga and meditation, to chakras and Reiki, Diana wanted to bring together all of the tools and insights she uses in her own life, and empower others to gain a deeper understanding of the relationships between their mind, body and soul.  Her book has sold hundreds of copies and continues to support her students and clients as they work towards their true selves.

It was through YogaLondon that Diana completed her yoga teacher training in 2014 and began teaching yoga across South Wales.  After years of success spreading the joy of yoga, Diana founded the “Diana Brook: Yoga with Soul” yoga studio – Caerphilly’s first dedicated yoga studio.  Her mission to bring natural health and healing to those who need it continues to spread, as Diana and her team successfully opened her second studio, in Bridgend, in 2017.

Now running two successful yoga studios, teaching weekly classes, private tuition, workshops and leading yoga retreats both in the UK and across Europe, Diana’s holistic philosophy remains an integral part of her teaching style.


Having practiced since 1983, yoga has always been a huge part of Joanne’s life – but it was only by accident that Joanne stumbled onto the path that would see her quit her day job and pursue her dream career of teaching yoga full time.

When Diana invited Jo on a bit of a “jolly” to London for some company, to attend a Try Us Evening with Yoga London, Jo didn’t have much idea that she was about to change her life forever… she signed up for teacher training there and then!

Jo qualified as a Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher with YogaLondon in 2014 and began her journey of spreading the magic of yoga there and then.  Teaching a fusion of Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Dru and Viniyoga (with a particular emphasis on pranayama and mindfulness), Jo draws inspiration from all around her in creating a safe space to have fun, feel energised, yet relaxed and nourished.

Her infectious energy, spiritual nature and bubbly personality shines through into her classes – Jo believes that the magic of yoga allows you to connect with and feel more at ease with life.

Joanne teaches our Nourish & Nurture classes at the Caerphilly studio.


Emma began practicing yoga over twenty years ago, and quickly began to notice the benefits – mentally, physically and spiritually.  It was in 2016 that Emma qualified as a yoga teacher under the teaching of Claire Murphy of the Santosha Studio, and she feels privileged to be able to share her passion of yoga with others.

Emma’s continuous study, experiences and own practice all influence her teaching style.  Focusing on dynamic, flowing movement, building strength, heat and creating flexibility through alignment bases sequences, Emma uses a playful approach to challenging poses, making them accessible for everyone.

Deconstructing poses and sequences and encouraging students to move freely, deeply and mindfully, Emma empowers students to achieve poses and bring mind, body and spirit into harmony through asana, pranayama and meditation.

Emma teaches our Strength & Structure classes at the Caerphilly studio.


It was in 2010 when Jake decided to try a yoga class at a local gym.  Although he was totally inflexible, and the only guy in the room, something Jake’s first teacher said stuck with him for life – “we so rarely take time for ourselves, allow yourself this hour to just be here and practice”.  This began the journey that would eventually lead to Jake undertaking his 200 hour yoga teacher training with the Bristol School of Yoga.

Jake’s personal style of yoga continues to evolve and change, although he is heavily influenced by his teachers who draw from the traditional styles of hatha, vinyasa, iyengar and ashtanga.  Jake’s main aim is to hold space for people to come back to their centre and connect with themselves.  Variations, modifications, and use of props where appropriate make his classes accessible to all.  Believing that yoga is just more than a physical practice to train and condition the body, his classes use a mixture of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing awareness) and meditation.

Jake teaches our Basics & Foundations and Foundations & Flow classes at the Bridgend studio.


Lizzie started yoga in 2010, alongside her existing dance studies – and it was whilst working in Melbourne, Australia that her practice deepened so much that she decided to train as a yoga teacher so that she could share the benefits of yoga with others.

Through her teacher training in Spain with Frog Lotus Yoga, under the tutelage of Alicia Waters and Paula Mitten, Lizzie found her calling in Vinyasa Flow yoga, which complements her dance background wonderfully.  Linking breath with movement, and connecting poses into sequences, Lizzie’s classes make you feel free and strong within your own body.  Through the connection to the breath and to the music, Lizzie aims to inspire and empower – believing that yoga should be inclusive, and for everyone, Lizzie encourages this within her yoga community and her classes.

Lizzie teaches our Strength & Grace classes at the Caerphilly studio.


An experienced yogi, Jo B has been practicing yoga since the mid-nineties after discovering the practice both beneficial and restorative during a turbulent time in her life.  For Jo, integrity and clarity developed in her life as she furthered her practice, ultimately going on to study yoga with a particular focus on holistic health, wellbeing and meditation.

Jo brings the qualities of compassion and kindness to her teaching – she’s motivated to teach by her genuine interest in people.  With extensive personal and professional experience of supporting people with mental health problems, Jo advocates the healing effects of a yoga practice.  Her classes support you to use yoga as a process to find your own way authentically, and to reconnect with yourself.  Jo works in an empowering and insightful way, taking a holistic and dignified approach to her work – with an emphasis on bringing greater awareness and renewed vitality to the mind and body.

Jo B leads our Balance & Stillness classes at the Caerphilly studio.


Dan’s yoga journey started with a keen interest in developing a healthy body and a healthy mind.  It was through yoga that Dan found his true passion in the study and practice of yoga as a lifestyle, both on and off the mat.

Qualifying as a yoga teacher at the Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica, Dan believes that yoga is for anyone and everyone – regardless of previous experience or ability, everyone can experience the benefits of yoga.

Dan classes, which incorporate traditional teachings from Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga, are safe and supportive, and students are given guidance, adjustments and alternative postures that are right for them.  Dan creates an environment where everyone feels welcome, happy and comfortable.

Dan teaches our Discovery & Balance, Relax & Restore and Basics & Foundations classes at the Caerphilly studio.


Beginning over seventeen years ago, Jane’s yoga journey started off as a form of pure exercise – however, over the years her yoga has evolved to help support her and find balance in her life.  Having experienced the many benefits of yoga, both mentally and physically, first hand, Jane is always excited to share her knowledge and passion with others.

Completing her Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher training with The Well-Being Yoga School in London in 2016, under the guidance and teaching of Nathalie Dubreu, Jane then went on to study for a specialist Yin Yoga qualification that sees her deliver the most relaxing and restorative Yin classes.  All of Jane’s classes are accessible to everyone and her sparkling personality, developed practice and beautiful teaching style encourages all students to access their own yoga – making for a personal and individual experience.

Jane teaches Discovery & Balance, Fire & Flow and Relax & Restore classes at both the Bridgend and Caerphilly studios.


After practicing Ashtanga for over ten years, it was in 2014 that Alison discovered the magic that is Kundalini yoga.  An art and a technology handed down by ancient sages and brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini yoga is an incredibly powerful and effective way of raising our levels of consciousness and vibration to bring about a state of bliss and contentment.

A physical and meditative discipline, it was through the combination of Kundalini postures, breathing techniques and mantras that Alison found an almost immediate improvement in her mental, physical and emotion health.  After training with Karam Kriya Yoga School in Glastonbury (which is affiliated to the International Kundalini Yoga Association) Alison began sharing and teaching this transformative practice in 2016.

Alison leads our Awakening & Awareness classes at the Caerphilly studio.


After practicing yoga for over seven years, it was in 2015 that Beth qualified as a yoga teacher in California, USA – she specialises in Power, Vinyasa, Hot and Hatha Yoga and teaches a mixture of abilities and ages.

Beth’s favourite part of teaching yoga is noticing how her students transform physically and mentally after just a few classes.   Beth believes that yoga is a mixture of toning and healing that is a not only a form of fitness, but also a medicine for the mind and body.

Beth often covers classes at both our Caerphilly and Bridgend studios.

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