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In essence, Reiki is a natural healing method that has a balancing effect on the chakra system that helps clear blockages within our energetic pathways. When we absorb currents of energy from fearful thoughts, negative words and emotions this tension creates energetic imbalances that lowers our frequency which blocks the flow of Ki our internal energy, the essence of life.

By clearing and transforming this stagnant energy within, Reiki helps to free these blockages, raises the frequency of our inner light and strengthens our body’s own natural ability to heal itself. This gentle, yet powerful form of healing provides a sense of enhanced self esteem, emotional health and physical wellbeing.

Become a Reiki Practitioner

Courses are available with Diana to learn this healing technique.

The Usui Reiki healing method is available to anyone, whatever age or gender, religion or origin. No specific prior knowledge or experience is required, you only need a desire to learn, a willingness to let this healing energy flow through you and spare time to complete the course. You will receive attunements at each level of training and upon completion you will receive a Reiki Certificate and copy of your Usui Lineage.


It all beings with the foundation of Reiki. You will learn the history, philosophy and principles of Reiki. Gain an understanding of the human energy body where an overview of the chakra system will be explored.

You will be expected to learn meditation techniques and practice a self healing routine. You will lean hand positions for a full Reiki treatment to complete case studies on family and friends.

Reiki I sets the foundation of working with this healing technique, encourages personal growth and spiritual development.


Reiki II is recommended for anyone wishing to practice at a Practitioner level. During the course you will learn sacred symbols of the Second Degree and learn how to send healing at a distance.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the charka system, as well as working with meditations to further expand your own energies. You will learn what is required to set up a professional Reiki practice.

You will be expected to complete a practical, revision questions and case studies to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the Second Degree.


This Reiki Master course requires a commitment to regular healing practice and spiritual discipline to teach others to become Reiki Practitioners. Only students who have successfully completed a certificated First and Second Degree Reiki can consider training at the Third Degree level. Once accepted, training is arranged on an individual basis.

You will be expected to commit to a regular meditation practice to further your spiritual development and submit a journal of your experiences. You will learn how to give attunements and receive the sacred Master symbols. You will be expected to develop lesson plans and create your own Reiki Manuals. On completion, observation of your Reiki courses will be arranged.

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