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How to become a yoga teacher

Ever been sat in a yoga class and thought, ‘I’d like to teach yoga’, or are you keen to help others find the same joy in yoga that it has

Why yin yoga is perfect for reducing stress

‘Yin’ is a real buzzword in yoga circles at the moment, but it’s actually an ancient concept. As the counterpart to ‘yang’ yoga, which is active, repetitive and rhythmic, ‘yin’

What to wear to a yoga class

Ever wondered what you should wear when you’re practising yoga? It’s a question that sounds easy to answer, but there are a few things to consider before you hit the

Part 2 – Guys can do yoga, too!

Next up in the series of Guys can do yoga, too!  It’s our spotlight blog. Meet Mike, Yoga with Soul Member who joined the tribe in June 2018. I caught

Guys can do yoga, too!

A lot of people think yoga is only for women – but they’re wrong! If you could turn back the clock a few hundred years or so, you’d find that

How mindfulness can help you

A little while ago, I teamed up with CareerCake to present a video course called Mindfulness for Professionals. People may not necessarily associate mindfulness with the workplace, or they may

7 myths about yoga retreats busted

Here’s what actually happens on yoga retreats People often imagine yoga retreats to involve toned ladies doing headstands and picking at raw food. Truth is, most yoga retreats are nothing

6 reasons to go on a yoga retreat

Five ways to fit yoga into your schedule


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